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A Boaters List Community Free Marine Marketplace for Everything on the Water.

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How does The Dock work?

1. Browse The Dock

Using search filters and sorting, find the marine item, rental, or service you need.

2. Contact the owner and buy/book it!

Use The Dock to contact the owner and arrange the transaction.

3. Verify and review!

Did the product or service meet or exceed your expectations? Review the owner and let fellow Dock-ers know about your experience.

Have something to sell or a service to provide? List it on The Dock and make money!

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1. List your product/service

Decide a price, set the listing details, and add some photos.

2. Add your payout details

Add your bank account number and go through an identity verification process so we can securely send you money for your listings.

3. Accept customers!

You'll get notified by email when there's a new customer request. You can see who is requesting, message them about details, and decide to accept or reject.

CEO Martin

Our Philosophy - Collaborative Effort

Boaters List firmly believes that everyone has something to offer. This value is created through life experiences, the joys, pleasures and of course the do's and don'ts. Soliciting our team members for ideas brings the cumulative life experiences into the equation. This allows us to incorporate diverse perspectives for everyone. Collaboration is the basis of the Boaters List platform and under this philosophy we hope to deliver the best possible experience imaginable. We will maintain this mantra of Collaboration and deliver the best solutions and connections for all your water activities.

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